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Re: Filtering attachments off by ZMailer

Somewhat recently, Jussi Torhonen <jussi.torhonen@tietosavo.fi> sent:
> Sure there will be a lot of new viruses rounding the globe via mail. To be
> sure one possibility would be to 

... not run an operating system that was susceptible to virii?

Was it just me that this was the end of the message for?

Anyway, I too am interested in how you can do funky things with the
messages passing through zmailer.  For example, run through an external
virus checking program and perform some action if there is an infection, 
or prioritise message queueing depending on some condition (eg, contents
of the X-Priority: header).  Perhaps even perform some kind of security
check, or content classification (via an external process).  I'm fairly
confident there is some way zmailer can be configured to do such things,
unfortunately my lack of experience with the configuration has me at the
point of "it'll be some zmsh magic in router.cf, I think..."

I'm not looking for exact configuration details (though that's welcome
of course:) but mainly some theory and discussion perhaps, and hopefully
from that most people would be able to implement it themselves.
(hell, I'll even volunteer to document it all for posterity if anyone
thinks its worthwhile)


Matthew Hawkins,
Internet Engineer                    "If puns were deli meat,
tSA Consulting Pty. Ltd.              this would be the wurst"