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Re: Router problem

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Roy C. Bixler wrote:

> FWIW, I run Debian on my home machine (Intel) with this Z-Mailer
> 2.99.50s19 package and FQDN aliases work fine for me.  All I did was
> modify '/etc/zmailer/db/fqdnaliases' and run
> '/usr/lib/zmailer/newfqdnaliases'.

Ok, it looks like I could figure out the problem now (With the help of

'/usr/lib/zmailer/newfqdnaliases' seems to habe changed its behaviour. 
The call to makedb seems to cause the problem as soon as an alias is
occures doubled in /etc/zmailer/db/fqdnaliases. 

Removing the faulty entry led to a correct fqdnaliases.db

-- martin