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Re: router problem

On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 10:40:50AM +0200, Artur Urbanowicz wrote:
> > > I have discovered a message which kills my router process
> > > when placed in $POSTOFFICE/router directory. Router called
> > > with trace option enabled ("-t all") produces following
> > > output on this message, just before coredump:
> > [...] I have uploaded the message to /incoming/crash-them-all
> > 
> >  Tried-it, survived just fine.
> > [...]
> Please do accept the small patch attached to my message. The
> patch replaces sprintf() with snprintf() in router/libdb/bind.c,
> which solves my problem.

	Neat, except that  snprintf()  isn't available at all UNIXes.
	There is another way to do it too ... sprintf(buf, "%.300s" ...)

	Does the crash happen in your system *only* when you run
	router with "-t all" on ?   If so, something is spewing
	some trace data into wrong place.

> Regards,
> Artur Urbanowicz

/Matti Aarnio