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online "smtp-router" interface fixed ..

.. at least I think so.
Altough right now (the CVS version) always tells '250 EXPN completed' or
'250 VRFY completed', which might look a bit odd..  But then, I think
EXPN and VRFY to be manually usable online interrogation facilities, and
getting magic looking reports is there ok..

  /Matti Aarnio

>From  SiteConfig.in:

# Depending, are you running strange private customer account databases
# hooked (only) into 'mailbox', or not, make sure following is non-empty
# if you *are* using private databases, as then ZMailer's router won't
# claim wronly userid to be nonexistent.. These shunted tests look for
# HOMEDIRECTORY, which might be nonexistent thing at such funny systems...
# An EMPTY string here means "this is NORMAL unix":
# (A "bug" is that this isn't automatically substituted, but non-void
#  content gives behaviour that has been around for quite a while...)

Hmm...  That means, if you *don't* update your  /etc/zmailer.conf,
then there is a definite change of system behaviour changeing!
Ah well, we *abnormal* UNIX systems runners are minority, anyway.

ChangeLog items:

	* libsh/interpret.c, libsh/expand.c, include/libsh.c,
	  libsh/shconfig.h, libsh/zmsh.c:
	    Hunted around, and fixed with a KLUDGE a problem in $(elements ..)
	    expansion routine.  I am not *quite* sure it is right one for
	    all cases, but detected problems at online "smtp-router" are
	    cured with this.

	* proto/cf/server.cf, proto/cf/aliases.cf, README.UPGRADING,
	    - Fix previously scrambled  server.cf  somewhat
	    - Created global settings controlling two parts of the
	      $(routeuser ..) functionality.

	* smtpserver/smtprouter.c:
	    Cleaned previous hacks.

	* smtpserver/smtpserver.c, smtpserver/smtprouter.c, proto/cf/server.cf:
	    Noticed several problems:
	    - Router reports were not reported thru the proper socket, and
	      that screw up things..
	    - Made some wrappers into the  server.cf  to always issue proper
	      status code in the line; plus always terminating "250 EXPN done",
	      or "250 VRFY done" lines.  Also noticed a bug in the zmsh!
	    - smtpserver main loop got spurious EOF result from protocol input
	      line, when the input was in fact just plain CRLF ... Urgle..