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Re: "server" still broken

On 08-Sep-99 at 19:01, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > In today's CVS, expn and vrfy still do not work, thus preventing me
> > from putting the thing in production...  I've reported it before:
> > router's "server" command returns one line responce instead of two line.
>   That's odd.   Following examples are run at my workstation with *.cf
>   files which are present in the CVS (proto/cf/) and using  SMTP+UUCP.cf
>   as my  router.cf  -- database configurations may, naturally, cause wide

True. Wierd.  This time it's something else :-(

crosser@chronos:~/$ /usr/zmailer/bin/router -i
ZMailer router (2.99.52-pre2 #39: Wed Sep  8 12:31:01 MSD 1999)
Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
Copyright 1992-1999 Matti Aarnio
Configured with command: 'configure'
z$ server verify crosser@online.ru
<crosser.interactive@chronos.sovam.com>: address: crosser@online.ru
smtp delivery to online.ru for <crosser@online.ru>

so the server command looks fine this time.  But still in real life:

crosser@qube01:~/$ telnet chronos 25
Connected to chronos.sovam.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 chronos ZMailer Server 2.99.52-pre2 #68 ESMTP+IDENT (nulltrans) ready at
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 21:37:44 +0400
vrfy crosser@online.ru
503 5.5.1 Waiting for HELO/EHLO command
helo qube01
250 chronos expected "HELO qube01.sovam.com"
vrfy crosser@online.ru
                                             <<<--- see note below
Connection closed by foreign host.

After vrfy command, nothing comes out.  When I hit enter, I get "Connection
closed" message.