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Re: ESMTP header (Hdr220)

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 07:07:13PM +0000, Alexey Lobanov wrote:
> Just a note.
> To start ESMTP session, some clients (i.e., Postfix) want to see
> "ESMTP" word in 220 initial server reply.
> In case of two-string reply, like Zmailer-'51 default config, the 
> results seems to be unpredictable. I.e., same Postfix says EHLO if 
> ESMTP is present in _second_ line. So, the default "smtpserver.conf" 
> with uncommented Hdr220 parameters forces plain SMTP session - 
> without TLS, etc.
> The advice is to have "ESMTP" in ALL initial strings... or just to 
> have a single 220 string :-)

	Sigh...  All that is against RFC 1869 part 4 ...

	Word "EHLO" is present at following RFCs:
	(well, some removed.)

rfc1425.txt	rfc1651.txt	rfc1869.txt	EHLO/framework
rfc1426.txt	rfc1652.txt			BODY=8BITMIME
rfc1427.txt	rfc1653.txt	rfc1870.txt	SIZE=nnn
rfc1830.txt					BDAT/CHUNKING
rfc1845.txt					Checkpoint/Restart
rfc1854.txt	rfc2197.txt			PIPELINING
rfc1891.txt					ESMTP DSN facility
rfc1894.txt					ErrorMsg formats
rfc1985.txt					ETRN
rfc2033.txt					LMTP
rfc2487.txt					STARTTLS
rfc2554.txt					SMTP AUTH
rfc2645.txt					On-demand Mail Relay

	Nowhere in these is a note telling that one should do
	EHLO protocol only when word "ESMTP" is present in the
	initial greeting message.  Do note that even though
	ZMailer smtp transport-agent has '-E' option to behave
	in that manner, it is *not* a per default active mode.

	From somewhere I seem to recall that one should *not*
	do that "ESMTP" analysis.

	Hmm.. Current Drums Draft doesn't say a thing about it either.

> Alexey

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>