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TLS apparently does not work

Looks like in current CVS versions, receiveing mail over SSL/TLS is
broken.  When I start sending mail, it negotiates and then

04117XLRW#      verify return:1
04117XLRW#      subject=/C=RU/L=/O=/OU=/CN=Eugene
04117XLRW#      issuer=/C=RU/O=Sovam Teleport/CN=Personal Certification
04117XLRW#      fingerprint=AC_07_CE_02_60_29_ED_D3_B6_0E_A6_DA_37_20_4D_C6
04117XLRW#      TLS connection established
04117XLRW#      Cipher: RC4-MD5 keybits 128 version TLSv1/SSLv3
04117XLRW#      -- pipeline input exists 37 bytes

... stops here.
When I cancel sending (i.e. Netscape closes the socket ungracefully),
this appears:

04117XLRW#      SSL3 alert write:fatal:bad record mac
04117XLRW#      SSL3 alert read:unknown:unknown
04117XLRWr      vb
04117XLRWw      500-5.5.2 ^
04117XLRWw      500 5.5.2 Illegal input characters: Control chars on SMTP input
04117XLRW#      Session closed w/o QUIT
04117XLRW#      TLS stopping; mode was: ON

2.99.51-patch1 that I have running in production *does* work, so this
is not a Netscape glitch.

(although, in 2.99.51-patch1 authorization still does not work for me
apparently because it uses getspnam() instead of getpwnam(), and I
do not have replacement function for it...  IMHO calling getspnam just
to check the password is quite unwise.  Getpwnam *does* return password
from the shadow file in the systems that have shadow.  Getspnam is only
needed if you want password expiration attributes etc.)