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Re: "Sender:" rewriting (again)

Artur Urbanowicz wrote:
> Hi,
> The cf/crossbar.cf script in current form appends local hostname
> to "Sender:" field if the field contains an address with local part
> only (i.e. "Sender: user" in opposite to "Sender: user@domain"):
> This behaviour is quite useful when local user submits a message with
> incomplete "Sender:" field.
> However, appending local hostname to the "Sender:" field in message
> received from a remote system (smtpserver in MSA-mode!) can produce
> totally invalid address.
> Can anybody tell me, if router process can append to the incomplete
> "Sender:" field a name of host from which the mail message came?
> This would work for messages received from local and remote system.
> Or maybe there is another, elegant solution?

	I think that we must append such addresses with name of smtpserver
which recive this message.  Or (if record

	smtpserver1.my.domain	my.domain

  exist in localnames db) we must append my.domain suffix.
	CU, Victor Gamov