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"Sender:" treatment, availspace overflow


> >   1. New, boolean parameter "MSA-mode" in smtpserver.conf. When
> >      enabled, smtpserver *requires* the users outside of the trusted
> >      network to authenticate themselves. In the MSA mode, smtpserver
> >      replaces "Sender:" field in message coming from a verified user
> >      with the user name (zmailer-msa-mode.patch).
>     About that "Sender:" editing I am not quite certain it is
>     really usefull...  [...]

I agree. I just discovered the Netscape Communicator 4.6 for UNIX 
sends a "Sender:" field with local part only. There are many users 
here replying to the address, which is inadequate outside the source 
host. Feel free to discard this "feature" which is closely related 
to the private authentication mechanism I presented in my previous 

> >      a) "-x" command-line parameter for specifying the IPv4
> >         address the smtpserver binds to (zmailer-bindaddr4.patch);
>     For having selective multi-homing instances ?  Right...
>     ... well, it *sucks* that way.  I added parameters:
>         PARAM BindPort    25
>         PARAM BindAddress []
>         PARAM BindAddress [IPv6.::ffff:]
> [...]

At last! This is much better, of course. And what about 
the legion of other command-line parameters in smtpserver?

BTW, few hours ago my smtpserver told me there is no space 
available on a huge, 17GB filesystem! Replace the multiplications 
of long integers (f_*size, f_*avail) in smtpserver/fdstatfs.c 
with the macro:

  #define LONG_MAX 2147483647L
  #define LONG_PRODUCT(op1,op2) \
          ( LONG_MAX / op1 < op2 ? LONG_MAX : op1 * op2 )

...and you don't have to test the availspace in 

  if (availspace < 0)
        availspace = 2000000000;

It really *sux*, doesn't it? :))

Artur Urbanowicz