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Re: :include: broken in recent CVS

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 12:48:05PM -0400, Benjamin C.R. LaHaise wrote:
> 'loo,
> It looks like :include: expansion from aliases in current CVS snapshots is
> borken -- mail bounces with the following:

  Oops..  Relevant fix for the  aliases.cf  is now in the CVS.
	(  user="$(dequote "$user")"  )

  Roughly the only place where stripping of localpart quotes *is*
  a sensible thing to do...

/Matti Aarnio

> This is a collection of reports about email delivery
> process concerning a message you originated:
> <local linux-mm-outgoing
> ":include:/home/majordomo/lists/linux-mm"@kvack.org 0>: user
> ":include:/home/majordomo/lists/linux-mm"
> doesn't exist
> Where the relevant entry from aliases is:
> linux-mm-outgoing:      ":include:/home/majordomo/lists/linux-mm", linux-mm-archive
> So, I've backed off to the zmailer-2-99-51 tag.  Cheers,
> 		-ben
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/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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