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Re: Anti-relaying policy deficiencies

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> z# rtrace
> z# router '"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org'
> Be mindfull about quotes!
> Where the "blah@jesters.net" looses their quotes ?
> (run it at a scripting shell)

Hmmm, interesting.  Properly quoted at the interactive prompt gives the
expected results:

z# router '"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org'
<root.interactive@eeyore.kvack.org>: address: "blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org
(((local '"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org' '"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org' default_attributes)))

EXPN and VRFY do produce the correct result:

EXPN <"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org>
550 no such user: <"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org>
VRFY <"blah@jesters.net"@kvack.org>
550 no such user: <"blah@jesters.net">

...time passes...

Okay, after poking around, the behaviour comes from server.cf -- server()
doesn't verify the username once channel returns.  I'm not sure what
solution you want to take, but at least we know what it is now.