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Re: Anti-relaying policy deficiencies

On 11-Aug-99 at 00:18, Teddy 'tricky' Grenman (tricky@cs.hut.fi) wrote:
> > rcpt to:<"a@aol.com"@online.ru>
> > 
> > smtpserver.  May a propose a different approach: tell the router
> > to *not* expand local part as full domain address.  This way,
>   Shouldn't this have been taken care of? Atleast ChangeLog entry
>   1999-07-20 states so. Unfortunately there seems to be something 
>   wrong with it (ie. empty .forwards), but I won't say anything
>   until I've tested it properly.

I just checked it with today's CVS - this kind of addresses are resolved
as remote and relayed.