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Re: 51-pre2 and 51pre3 + Broken Headers

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Matti Aarnio wrote:

Dear Matti,

hope you sailing-holidays were great.

As you might remember, our fullnames do not work since we switched to
51pre3 an you gave us the following hint:

> 	/etc/zmailer/bin/newdb -l fullnames
> 	There is *no* default lowercasification of the key data.
> 	The '-l' / '-u' must be explicitely defined.
Okay, we did this and the content of our db-Files did change accordingly,
but the result did not ;(

We have exactly the same fullnames* in 51pre3 as in e.g. 49 but the
behaviour is different (as can be seen from the excerpts of interactive
routers rtrace):

                fullnamemap Christian.Schmidt
                    %dblookup (fullnamemapdb Christian.Schmidt) <0>
fullnamemapdb(christian.schmidt) = sepp
... terminating cache[0]
... added christian.schmidt to cache

                fullnamemap Christian.Schmidt
                    %dblookup (fullnamemapdb Christian.Schmidt) <0>
fullnamemapdb(christian.schmidt) = NIL

So, any further ideas? Nobody else having this effect (on Solaris 2.6, gcc

In addition something else is striking since 51pre3.
>From time to time we get some Mails with a broken header consisting of 2
superfluous <CR> like the following (no real excerpt):

Received: from pc-ram5 ([]:3678 "HELO pc-install" ident:

        by mail.uni-paderborn.de with ESMTP id <S21439AbPGVLeJ>;
        Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:34:09 +0200
As a matter of fact I do not have any mail with this error, I only get
reports from some users. Till now, the problem seems to be sporadic, but
under some circumstances it appears.

Does somebody else face this problem too?

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Bye bye,

 Dipl.-Ing. Juergen Maniera

 Universitaet-GH Paderborn          Tel.: (+49) (0)5251 60-3326 
 FB 17, AG Softwaretechnik / IRB    Fax:  (+49) (0)5251 60-3714    
 D-33095 Paderborn                  email: sammy@uni-paderborn.de 
 Raum: E3.125                       http://www.uni-paderborn.de/cs/sammy.html