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Re: fqdnaliases in zmailer .51

Jussi Torhonen wrote:

> Updated working ZMailer 2.99.50s18 box upto 2.99.51 on a RedHat Linux
> 6.0/i386 box. Otherwise seemed to work ok, but fqdnaliases was not parsed
> at all. Returned back to .50s18 and it works again.
> When upgrading I executed ../bin/newfqdnaliases for sure. Also took all
> the latest config files from proto subdirectories.
> Anyone else having the same problem with .51 ? Any fixes available ?
> Jussi

Well I had similar problem after upgrading. But im my case zmailer accepted
mails but didn't deliver or send to maliboxes... I removed all *.fc files
and it worked. (cf/fc/* and router.fc).. also rebuilded all .db...

    Tomasz Bojakowski

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