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Re: Relay protection problem

>   Hi folks,
>   Does anyone know how to protect zmailer from relying mail when recipient
> is given in form <user%foreign.domain@[ip_address]> ? Suprisingly it
> bypasses all relying policies, regardless of MAIL FROM: beeing local user or
> not. In normal case, my policy protects non-local user from sending mail to
> user@foreign.domain.
>   This problem makes my ZMailer configuration fail to pass ORBS open rely
> tests.

	Can you get thru my workstation:
	if you can't, then there is code and/or configuration problem.

	Apparently  <"foo@bar"@foo.fii>  is still problematic case..

> Pozdrawiam,
> --   __
>  __ / /__  _______ ___ ___/_ Szymon Juraszczyk, e-mail: jorgus@isp.pl

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>