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.. has been available from  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/zmailer/
since last evening, but I didn't write this announcement..

There have been "issues" in the code that disturbed things.
Which I know of, I have fixed, or circumvented.

Next I will copy that -pre2 to ftp.funet.fi also.

/Matti Aarnio

1999-07-07  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* Makefile.in:
	    Version 2.99.51-pre2

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    - Reworked even more that reconnect mechanism. (core drops)
	    - Noticed that 'No MX, no address' reports are coming
	      out more and more regularly in cases where they should
	      *not* occur.  As I don't seem to be able to coerce
	      the system to do the *right* thing, let it be TEMPFAIL
	      once again...  Rather delayed erroring attempts, than
	      rejections because of wrong reports.

	* scheduler/threads.c:
	    Made debugging zsyslog(()) call to use LOG_ERR instead
	    of LOG_EMERG; latter one broadcasts to everybody in one
	    of my test systems...

	* include/libz.h, lib/rfc822scan.c, lib/token.c, libc/mail.c,
	  router/prototypes.h, router/rfc822.c, router/rfc822.ssl,
	  router/rfc822hdrs.c, router/libdb/header.c:
	    Lots of experimenting with code to get proper RFC822
	    tokenization, and proper folding at the output.
	    Most difficult part seemed to be rfc822scan.c ...

1999-07-05  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Reworked the EHLO/HELO reconnect mechanisms.  Now it
	    reconnects to the *same* address where EHLO failed
	    just previously.  Otherwise it could connect to some
	    other address in case the target has several addresses..

	* lib/rfc822scan.c:
	    MKERROR() did crash for some reason in previous form.
	    Modified call a bit and changed it into a static function
	    of its own.  Now it seems to work.  (Compiler bug ??)