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FR (feature request)

Currently in aliases we can use:
something: ":include:/path/to/address/file" and email sent to "something" will
be sent to all people in "file".

I think about similar "include" directive for example:
include "/some/file" and "file" is in the same format as main aliases file.

For example (/etc/aliases)
postmaster:	xxx
someone:	yyy
include /path/to/file

while file "/path/to/file" containts:
otherpeoplex:	qqq
otherpeopley:	www

This will be useful for use zmailer with software witch automaticly adds/deletes
some aliases (this software can damage main aliases file). With this feature
it will destroy only "/path/to/file" ... Main aliases file won't be corupted.

ps. sorry for my english.
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