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closed SMTP channel - response overrun on smtpwrite()

I am getting reproducible problems with a particular host.  They are
getting from me the same message numerous times.  And this is what I see:

21650V0153246032#       (Connecting to `smtp.nestle.ru' [|25] Tue
Jun 22 14:07:12 1999)
21650V0153346032r       220 CheckPoint FireWall-1 secure SMTP server
21650V0153446032w       EHLO mac.smtp.online.ru
21650V0153546033r       500 Unknown command
21650V0153646033w       HELO mac.smtp.online.ru
21650V0153746033r       250 Hello mac.smtp.online.ru, pleased to meet you
21650V0153846033w       MAIL From:<amc@online.ru>
21650V0153946034r       250 <amc@online.ru>... Sender ok
21650V0154046034w       RCPT To:<customer.service@nestle.ru>
21650V0154146034r       250 <customer.service@ne... Recipient ok
21650V0154246034w       RCPT To:<Andrey.Gisko@nestle.ru>
21650V0154346035r       250 <Andrey.Gisko@nestle... Recipient ok
21650V0154446035w       DATA
21650V0154546035r       354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
21650V0154646109w       .
21650V0154746109#       (closed SMTP channel - response overrun on smtpwrite())
21650V0154846109#       (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
21650V0154946109#       jobspec: #idle

It *looks* like the Chekpoint FireWall-1 (that is known to be buggy in
other aspects) start sending lots of junk instead of "221".  But to be
sure - did anybody notice similar things and/or has ideas?