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Re: router loops forever?

> ---*snip*libsh/listmalloc.c*---
>     while (gcp) {
>       for (i= 0; i < gcp->nvars; ++i) {
>         if (*(gcp->var[i])) {
>           cons_DSW(*(gcp->var[i]));
>         }
>       }
>       gcp = gcp->next;
>     }
> ---*snip*libsh/listmalloc.c*---
>  I seem to have a problem where gcp == gcp->next, hence the router 
>  loops indefinitely. Can anyone give a hint where the problem might be?
>  I'm using cvs version from 19991606.

	Odd month that '16'...

	I thought I eradicted all these problem cases during
	the development, but of course something might have
	sliped thru...

	Prepare to generate MASSIVE amounts of logfile to your
	$MAILLOG/router by following:

		$MAILBIN/router -dkn1 -o-G

	routing some 100 addresses yields around 500 MB of log,
	if my recollection from running the beast under emacs
	shell is valid.  (yes, I do have a *lot* of memory..)

	You can run that also in interactive mode:

		router -io-iG

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/Matti Aarnio