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smtp-policy relay problems


Today I tried setting up my Zmailer (2.99.50-s18) as SMTP server for our
backend-network ([]/8 range).  Adding "[]/8" to 
smtp-policy.relay or using the entry "[]/8 rejectnet -
= _private_address" didn't work.

I checked both zmailer.conf and smtp-policy.dat after running 
policy-builder.sh and that looked okay.

What I get now when telnetting to port 25 from one of the clients is:

553-We reject your network
553-If you feel we mistreat you, do contact us.
553 Ask HELP for our contact information.

This is not the response as expected from the "_private_address"-tag
in smtp-policy.src but instead it's the response that is compiled
into the smtpserver binary.

I think I'm missing something obvious here, but what?

\Geert Altena.
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