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Re: Is it possible to host multiple domains without using

> For example, we want to be able to have user1@domainone.com and
> user1@domaintwo.com but we don't want to have to use fqdnaliases.  More
> specifically, we don't want to tell users that" your email address is
> user1@domaintwo.com but when you check your mail use
> user1.domaintwo@domaintwo.com as your pop account.
> Forgive me if I am not clear in what I am asking for.  I don't know the
> terminology.

At my work we have something in order of 20 000 different domains, and
we do it by means of LDAP-lookalike mapping at router to customer specific
unique identifier + server host where that id is valid.

Originally we told to users:
	Server: mbox-134.x.y
	Login:  userid-23
	Password: ...

but referring to the right one out of those mbox-xyz hosts
became too difficult for the users...

Now we are telling:
	Server: mail.x.y  (pop3 proxy)
	Login: userid-23
	Password: ...

But our POP3 proxy service can also support:
	Server: mail.x.y
	Login:  first.lastname@some.domain
	Password: ...

that proxy does the same mapping as the router does, makes
connection to the real server, sends out the username, and
then just copies data back and forth between the user, and
the real POP3 server.  (Which copying will begin with the
password prompt :) )

/Matti Aarnio <matti.aarnio@sonera.fi>