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Re: 2.99.50s19 + patch1 + patch2 :-(

> Also, BSD DB 2.* (SleepyCat thing) did surprise me truly well,
> I begun to wonder why nothing was visible, until I realized
> that the db code was yielding some error -- read some documents,
> and I learned that DBT type isn't any longer  ptr + len  pair,
> but a sixtuplet...  Gee...

Hi Matti,

I just tried the latest CVS and the MX problem is gone, however aliases
still aren't working:

Jun  9 14:29:38 ftoomsh router[18980]: S256493AbPFIE3g: from=<root@progsoc.uts.e
du.au>, rrelay=daemon@localhost, size=137, nrcpts=1, msgid=<19990609042938Z25649
Jun  9 14:29:58 ftoomsh mailbox[19192]: S256493AbPFIE3g: to=<linuxaus-majordomo@
lists.linux.org.au>, delay=00:00:22, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, stat=error2 
user "linuxaus-majordomo" doesn't exist

This was after remaking all the databases (using zmailer newdb,