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Re: old stuff - whoson and zmailer

On 01-Jun-99 at 03:55, Tomaz Borstnar (tomaz.borstnar@over.net) wrote:

>      using latest s18 and whoson 1.05 I can't make them work together. I
> use  wtest to add entry to whosond and check to see if it is there. So far
> so  good, but then I try to connect from that remote IP host and try to send
>  mail from that remote IP it fails like it is suppose to fail for remote 
> relaying, but then then it appears that my whoson config is not OK. wtest 
> looks OK:
> game% ./wtest login tomaz
> rc=0, info="LOGIN OK"
> again? n
> game% ./wtest query tomaz
> rc=0, info=""
> again? n
> So it must be misconfiguration at zmailer part:
> #| -- 2nd alternate: No MX target usage, DNS existence verify
> #|    Like the 1st alternate, except will verify the sender (mail
> from:<..>) #|    address for existence of the DNS MX and/or A/AAAA data --
> e.g. validity. #
> .                       relaycustomer - relaytarget - senderokwithdns + 
> test-dns-rbl + trust-whoson +
> []/0             relaycustomer - relaytarget - senderokwithdns + 
> test-dns-rbl + trust-whoson +
> I compiled zmailer properly, because I can see smtpserver complain about 
> connection refused if whosond is not running.
> smtpserver+whoson combination is not dependent on mail address, right?

Are you sure that you "looged in" to whoson the same IP address that you
are trying to send mail from?  .s18 seems to work fine with whoson (1.04
but this should not matter).  Just checked a moment ago.