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Re: SMTP relay bug in 2.99.50s10?

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Kelly Peterson wrote:

> We just received a message from ORBS saying that we are an open smtp relay.
> They sent the message to 
> <orbs-relaytest%manawatu.co.nz@compusmart.ab.ca> which went through.  Is
> there a fix for this?

just discussed recently on the zmailer list.

basically 2 ways:

	1) Matti indicates that the following in smtpserver.conf
	   should work for the % redirect:

		PARAM  reject-percent-kludge

or	2) add the following to cf/rrouter.conf at the beginning
	   of the rrouter function:

        tsift "$origaddr" in
        # "percent redirect"
                return (((error percent-redirect "$origaddr" $A))) ;;
        # "colon pathing"
                return (((error colon-pathing "$origaddr" $A))) ;;

Also you may want to ensure that the testers do not allow

	MAIL FROM: <sender@[x.x.x.x]>

(where x.x.x. is your smtpserver host IP designation)

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