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Re: TLS in smtpserver

> >      The policy code contains a simple test: "authentication has
> >      been successfull ("authuser" variable is non NULL), allow
> >      open relaying."
> That will do (what we all want is allow roaming users send their
> mail, right?)

	Right.    And everybody must use it (for outbound relay)
	if you don't list any networks for allowed relay source.

> >      Damn, I just realized that I made ZMailer into a "forbidden to
> >      (re-)export from USA" item, because now it contains hooks for
> >      traffic encryption, never mind that it is a side result from
> >      allowing secure "AUTH LOGIN" with plaintext passwords...
> That's OK unless you are going to move to the US like Linus did :)
> If yes, then we're all in big trouble.

	What, me to leave the free world ???

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio