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Re: symbol() vs. symbol_db() usage for full name lookup in mkSender()

Eugenia Distefano spotted a bug:
> This is about a problem we have been having with the "From:"
> field of messages produced by MUAs such as mail and elm  ever
> since we upgraded from  2.99.49p8 to 2.99.50s2. The problem
> persisted with upgrades to 2.99.50s11 and 2.99.50s15.
> With 2.99.49p8 (and previous versions)  mail produced by such 
> MUAs  used to have a "From:" field in the delivered message 
> as follows:

> Do others observe the same problem? Would the above change break
> anything? Why is symbol() used instead of symbol_db()? Shouldn't
> spt_fullnamemap already have been initialized at this point? In
> our case, symbol() seems to consistently return the wrong key in
> the above statement.

	I missed that change way back when I created diversified
	symbol spaces so that the builtin space at  symbol()  won't
	just grow infinitely over the time, but apparently I did
	forget/miss this one at the global search/destroy run
	I had..
	Propably I should have killed the  symbol()  entirely, and
	just use  symbol_db()  in all instances.

	... but now I see Tom Baker playing DrWho at the telly..
	( Yes, I know I am weird.. ;)  )

> Thanks
>         -e

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>