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Hi all,

I'm having problems configuring sendmail with LDAP support, and
therefore I'm considering switching to zmailer. I would like to know if
it's possible to do the following with zmailer:

One mailserver must service multiple domains, which should be lookuped
using LDAP. It would be very nice if user names needn't be unique
between the domains.
Thus, j.doe@domain1.com and j.doe@domain2.com must be able to use the
same server.

Is this possible with zmailer? Does anyone have experience with this?
The problems I have are:
- ldap clients usually support one search base.
- if I could configure sendmail to support the lookups in all domains, i
get problems with the mailboxes because they would both be called
/var/mail/j.doe ....

I tried to avoid the problem with having users login with their full
adress (user@domain),
but sendmail immediately strips this down to only the user name.

Any suggestions are appreciated,