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zmailer subject filtering ? ( ie controlling Melissa virus)

In light of the recent Melissa email Virus, I was wondering 
how, in zmailer, to emulate the sendmail patch posted at:


In this config patch to LOCAL_RULESETS for sendmail, it is 
suggested to provide filtering on:

	HSubject:                       $>local_check_header

	D{MelissaMessage}"553 Your message may contain the Melissa virus. \
	Please email postmaster@$j if you have questions."

	RImportant Message From $*      $#error $: ${MelissaMessage}
	RRe: Important Message From $*  $#error $: ${MelissaMessage}

which is a weak kludge, yes (because a similar virus only needs to alter
the subject line), but it may at least serve to control spread of the
current macro virus. 

Is there a quick kludge for same in zmailer?

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