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Re: Default routing in fqdnaliases

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Juergen Maniera wrote:

> > account:	account@othermachine
> > 
> > to accomplish account@snt.utwente.nl pointing to
> > account@othermachine.snt.utwente.nl

> This can be handled by the fqdnaliases.
> If this does not work at your site, did you run the newfqdnaliases
> provided with Zmailer in order to build the necessary database files?

Yes, we understand this issue. Problem is the 'default'..

> > @snt.utwente.nl:	@yamachine
> ...
> I don't know if this can be solved using the fqdnaliases...
> We do this using db/routes .
> Here you can specify the following type of routings:
> .snt.utwente.nl         smtp!yamachine
> snt.utwente.nl          smtp!yamachine

Yup, that is quite exactly what we want, except for one thing: If I
understand things correctly, the specified route (smtp!yamachine) would
override any (fqdn)aliases expansion :-((

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