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Re: MaxSameIpSource, system load, and "ps" output (bug?)

Hi, Matti,

sorry for posting too early; I should have RTFM and read the source
code more carefully :-(

In article <19990315145808Z10054-29820+1496@nic.funet.fi> you write:
>> First, MaxSameIpSource doesn't seem to work. [...]

This turns out to be me not RTFM. I put a space before PARAM and that
commented out the MaxSameIpSource line. After removing the space, I
find that MaxSameIpSource works as expected.

>	It might adversely affect possibly started router subprocess.
>	However it shouldn't overflow the range of input options into
>	the environment variables (presuming the classical argv/environ)
>	memory layout.

What I see in ps looks like this:

<mailhub4.interlog.com MAIL FROM:<eccclc@interlog.com> SIZE=265ignoreeof=10

(after I recompiled smtpserver with my change). Perhaps it's not
overwriting environment variables, but something looks wrong here.

Ambrose Li

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