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crossbar.cf - rules now working?

Hello Gurus,

I'm have some problems/questions about zmailer.
I'm needed set filters to outgoing mail and writing misc. letters to file.
i'm setting zmailer and rewriting rules in crossbar.cf after this
running zmailer, but this rules not working.

cut from crossbar.cf
*@*      return (file /tmp/filtered) ;;
but next ruleset from examples working fine:
bitftp*@*        return (error bounce) ;;

which ideas and what doing?

please reply to my e-mail too (i'm not susbcribed to this list).

σ ΥΧΑΦΕΞΙΕΝ,                        Phone: (8332)-691226
Andrey Zubarev                      Fax: (8332)-691019
mailto:zav@kirov.elektra.ru         http://toad.vit.ru/~zav