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Re: ZMailer license

> From: Tom <tom@sdf.com>
> > 	4. UUNet Canada's version.
> > 	5. The version used in BorderWare.
>   4 and 5 are probably the same.  UUNet just uses an older version of the
> Borderware stuff.

When I started here almost three years ago, back when
Rayan ran the company, I spent several months doing
just zmailer maintenance and improvements.  The version I started
with was similar to the UofT release, plus BorderWare (mainly MIME
stuff in router+ta/smtp) and local changes.
It's evolved quite a bit since then.
I continue to adapt zmailer as our needs change.
I'd be happy to give others access to it, if it
was up to me (which it isn't).

One recent feature addition others might enjoy:
in order to flexibly implement anti-spam policies,
I added a TCL interpreter to smtpserver.  The interpreter is invoked at
various stages of the conversation, and has access to
key internal data.  This was surprisingly easy to code,
and the additional memory usage is modest.

Ken Lalonde
Network Engineering
UUNET, an MCI WorldCom Company