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LDAP directory patch

I've done some modifications to the LDAP router db module. I think it
was the only module that would allow wildcard keys in searches.
Depending on the size and index of your LDAP directory, an asterix '*'
in your search key will leave you waiting for a while.

I've added a wildcards tag to the ldap relation config file. It defaults
to false if it isn't specified, but if you want to enable wildcard
searches, you must manually set it to true.


# You must at least define "base", "ldaphost", "filter" & "attr".
base            o=canuck,c=ca
ldaphost        ldap.canuck.ca
ldapport        389
binddn          cn=readonly,o=canuck,c=ca
passwd          hehehehe
filter          (&(objectclass=person)(mailAlternateAddress=%s))
attr            uid
scope           sub
wildcards       false

With this patch, you can move a bunch of your tables and databases to
ldap (aliases, localnames, etc..), without modifying the .cf code to
check/fix/escape the '*' chars in the lookup keys.

What is the etiquette in this list. do I post the patch here?