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Relay troubles

Hi all.

My system is configured to deny relay from not authorized source domains.
But if the ip address is in our network, Zmailer relay mail.

How can I relay mail, only if the source address is listed in
smtp-policy.relay or localnames?

The relevant portion of my smtp-policy.src:

.                       relaycustomer - acceptifmx - senderokwithdns +
[]/0             relaycustomer - acceptifmx - senderokwithdns +
test-dns-rbl +

_our_network            = _full_rights
_full_rights    rejectnet - relaycustnet + relaycustomer + relaytarget +
_localnames = _full_rights

Tia - alfredo

Alfredo Sanjuan <alfre@ibd.es>
Director TI - IBD S.L. <http://www.ibd.es/>