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Re: Qmail or Zmailer

At 11:22 PM 02/02/99 +0100, you wrote:
>We are looking to build a high performance mail-cluster for pop3, imap4 and
>smtp. The system uses an LDAP database to validate and deliver the users
>The system needs to scale to around 500,000 users - the questions I have:
>1. Which is better for this Qmail or ZMailer
>2. What would be the best way of creating a high availability service -
>multiple POP3, multiple SMTP, etc pointing to common NFS mount?
>3. Has anyone found any major issues with Zmailer which stop it scaling.

I can address number three very easily.  One of our servers handles
approximately 300,000 inbound messages per day on a single machine running
Zmailer.  If you're going to invest in performance, get fast disk. :)  No
matter what the MTA, fast disk will put you strides ahead.

As for your other questions, I've been thinking about implementing LDAP
router lookups for destination mailboxes.  Currently there is support for
'fullnames' translation maps, but before I reinvent the wheel has anyone
else extended the LDAP db to do this?  I looks like some fairly simple
adjustments are in-order.

Shawn Robinson