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Re: Problems with 'From:' field rewriting in relayed mail

Dnia 99-01-04, mea@nic.funet.fi <mea@nic.funet.fi> napisal
> > Hi!
> > I've encoutered following problem with my latest zmailer configuration
> > (it't 2.99.50s11 on RedHat Linux with glibc2):
> > My host is collecting mail for a few addresses and users need to
> > specify the From: field for each mail message, and all host they send
> > their mail from are on the relaycustomer list.
> > My last installation (2.99.49p9 Debian libc5) accepted it, but the new one
> > always rewrites the hostname to the name of machine zmailer is
> > running on. My question is: Which function in zmailer's configuration
> > files (I guess this particular problem is caused by the router) is
> > responsible for this (strange) behaviour? 
> 	Are you *sure* that the customer's domain is not listed
> 	in the  'localnames'  database ?
Well actually I'm sure it is :(.
But that was my way of dealing with multiple aliases. Since zmailer
doesn't expand aliases in hosts that are "MX customers" by default, so 
address log@host1.so.on	is not equivalent to alias log on host2 which
is MX server for host1. I couldn't find any simplier method to
overcome the fqdnaliases nightmare (putting each and every alias in
fqdnaliases map for each host on our "MX customer" list)
Can you find any method to solve this without the localnames 'trick'. 
I looked at the alias2.cf and alias-new.cf files, but I stand still in
the point where I started

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