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Re: Problems with 'From:' field rewriting in relayed mail

> Hi!
> I've encoutered following problem with my latest zmailer configuration
> (it't 2.99.50s11 on RedHat Linux with glibc2):
> My host is collecting mail for a few addresses and users need to
> specify the From: field for each mail message, and all host they send
> their mail from are on the relaycustomer list.
> My last installation (2.99.49p9 Debian libc5) accepted it, but the new one
> always rewrites the hostname to the name of machine zmailer is
> running on. My question is: Which function in zmailer's configuration
> files (I guess this particular problem is caused by the router) is
> responsible for this (strange) behaviour? 

	Are you *sure* that the customer's domain is not listed
	in the  'localnames'  database ?

	If you are sure, then perhaps I should have a deeper look
	into your system.   To see what is going in with the
	2.99.50s11 installations.  Especially, why I don't see
	any problem at my DEC UNIX platforms, nor Alpha/Linux.

> 				Thanks in advance for your help /S
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> * Suavek Zak
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/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>