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Re: Linux and 2.97

> Hello Matti,
>    It was said that you have the 2.97 version running on a Linux.
> I am setting up a new zmailer on a Linux system but I can't get it to 
> compile.  I already have 2.2 running on a SUN to handle our campus 
> mail but It's getting slow and I don't want to have to buy a bigger 
> SUN.

	Yes I said  --  I have email backlog and your question was
	(and still is) there waiting..

> I have the latest slackware version of Linux but at this point it 
> doesn't matter which version I have to get to get it working.  Could 
> you please tell me which version of Linux and associated software 
> that you have to be able to get this to compile on please?

	The previous Slackware,	which must be 2.0.0.    gcc 2.5.8
	(2.0.1 was released just a couple weeks ago)

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